About Us

Do your guitar deserve the best tones from the seventies?

StonerVoice is dedicated to recreating the best effects pedals from this era

More than clones

More than clones

We adapt the pedals from the 60s and the 70s to the needs of the modern guitar player. Adding some low-end here, extending the fuzz range here. You can have the original sounds, and you can have more.

Analog effects


Our pedals are fully analog. Digital effects can be really useful but, we truly think that only analog technologies can recover those capricious tones.

Hand selected transistors

Strict Selection

No two transistors sound the same. We select Silicon and Germanium transistors by hand and by ear to provide you with the best sound quality.

Handmade with love


Our pedals are hand wired and hand painted in France. Each of them is a unique object, made with love and care. The rule of thumb is simple: we sell a pedal only if we want to play with it all night long.